July 4, 2017


Summer Hatters hat | Love and Flair jumpsuit

The thing about showing some skin is to know how much is enough. A sliver of leg or a hint of shoulder can exude a super sexy vibe that leaves the interested party (your crush, your partner, or maybe a tall handsome someone across the table) wanting more.

So for my outfit of the day, I decided to wear this backless jumpsuit. I know what you are about to ask: what to wear underneath a backless dress, jumpsuit or top? Because obviously, we don’t want to ruin the look of the open back. Personally, I usually go with two choices: the nipple covers or the Nu bra. Sometimes, I might go with the silicon bra, depending on the fabric of my outfit. Each comes in materials that are super adhesive, so you really don’t have to worry about slippage situation.


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