March 7, 2016


There’s a lot of wedding preparation going on my mind. Besides planning on the event itself, the most important part is to take care of myself. I haven’t cut my hair for months and wanted to let it grow for my wedding day. I think it would be easier to style long hair instead of short. I’m keeping possibilities open. The only thing that I don’t want to grow is my body hair. I did Alpha Light Underarm last year and it is still going strong. I feel like I haven’t shaved my underarm since forever. I might want to do it once or twice this year just to maintain the growth. Also, I’ve done my 6th  Alpha Light Brazilian session and I still have one left to go. To be completely honest, I have no hair down there! I am a happy girl!! This is the best investment to every woman… or man (the beautician told me that the men do it too). In between my busy schedule, there’s no time for me to wax every two weeks. This alpha light session changed my life a lot! I can focus on my other wedding preparation without worrying about my unwanted body hair.

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