May 10, 2016

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Aigner Cybill is one of my favourite bag this year. As some of you might have seen on my previous posts, I have the medium in Grey and the small one in red. I always feel comfortable carrying a lot of stuffs in my bag. Nothing gets left behind, all things shall stick around with me! This London bag is one of the collection from Cybill Metropolitan edition. Aigner is inspired by the greatest cities in the world. They also have the Jakarta Bag which showcase the Batik pattern on the sides. They’re in bright yellow crocodile embossed leather which is a contrast from my usual colour palette. But as for this look, I choose the London bag because it is classically chic! They used crocodile and snakeskin-look embossed leather. The back of the bag is embossed with an ostrich
look for a glamorous touch and gives the bag a refined feel. This bag really represents modern women who are hard working and loves travelling at the same time. So I think it kinda represents me! Teeheeee 😀

Photo by: Lambok Sinaga

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