January 10, 2019


Brush by FOREO

As someone who puts on makeup every day, I do believe that the most important step of keeping my skin healthy is the face-cleaning step. I have a sensitive skin, so when I don’t wash my face properly, breakouts usually happen.

To help me wash my face thoroughly, I was introduced to LUNA mini 2 from FOREO – and since then onwards, my life has changed. I don’t have a regular breakout anymore except for the hormonal ones.

First off, LUNA mini 2 helps deep-cleansing face wash. With ultra-long touch points, this brush is able to reach the pores for maximum yet gentle cleansing. To trace the different angles, the brush is pretty flexible. It can bend up to 20 degrees and reach many contours. In my personal experience, this helps with the red pimples around the nose. Pores in the nose area tend to be larger, so they can clog more easily – hence the pimples and red bumps. LUNA mini 2 helps to solve that problem.

It has the T-Sonic Pulsation feel as to massage the skin that will help to add a relaxing sensation to your skincare routine. This might be one of the most awaited steps of the day! Moreover, like all of FOREO’s products, this ultra-hygienic device is made of a medical grade silicone material that does not foster acne-causing bacteria.

Since it is the compact version, LUNA mini 2 can be carried anywhere so I can do the routine everywhere I am. This is one of the must-haves brush that I could carry in my makeup pouch. On the side note, I only have to charge it for one hour and it will last for months.

So far I have been loving this brush more than ever. I personally think it is one of the best investments in skin care regimes. Let me know if you have your own best investment in skin care regimes!